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Sanjoy Mahajan

Welcome! I am Sanjoy Mahajan. My expertise is in helping individuals and organizations improve their teaching, learning, and thinking---in short, in amplifying the abilities of people and organizations. I have worked with departments and individuals around the world, including at Siemens, the Gatsby Foundation (London), the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (South Africa), MIT, Cambridge University, Cold Spring Harbor, and Harvard.

I have spoken on this theme to diverse groups and institutions around the world interested in amplifying their intelligence, including the Institute of Physics (London), the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard, Cornell, the Telecosm conference, the Defense Intelligence Agency, West Point, the Cambridge Science Festival, the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth, the Berkshire Forum, Educomm, and the Quintessa Vineyard.

I obtained my PhD in Physics from the California Institute of Technology after degrees in physics at Stanford and mathematics at Oxford. I have taught physics and engineering at Cambridge University, MIT, and now Olin College of Engineering. My goal is to share with the world the best of what I have learned in my education and work.

Contact me to discuss your needs and how an engagement could be helpful.

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